Style Guide

So you booked a session with Emily Carrels Photography.

Now, what to wear?! Whether you need items for yourself or your whole family, I am here to help! Coordinating outfits to accomplish a cohesive look can make such an impact on your final images, and I have a few suggestions to get you there!

CLient CLosetS

For your studio sessions, you have the option to wear items from my client closets. This includes women's dresses, men's shirts, toddler items, and newborn outfits. Check out my Client Closet page for all the details.

If you want to bring your own items, keep reading for some tips to help you create a seamless look!

Choose your Palette

I always recommend beginning with neutral tones, as they remain timeless, look wonderful with outdoor foliage or my studio aesthetic, and keep the focus on you. From there you can add in a couple pieces from the same color palette. For example, warm tones (mustards, rusts) and earth tones (browns, greens) coordinate beautifully with neutrals. 

Use muted colors

Always go with muted colors when choosing your color palette. Think of all your main colors, but with the saturation turned down (see below). Patterns can be lovely if the pattern itself is small, and if only one or two people are wearing a pattern. 

USE Layers and Textures

Layering can help provide more variety to your session and gives a unique aspect to your photos. Bring a sun hat, put on a cardigan over your dress, throw a jacket over your shoulder, etc. Textures are an absolute must, as this provides added life and interest into your moments. For example, corduroy, denim, lace, knit, etc. 


Watches can be distracting when capturing the intimate moments, so it is better to remove them. Leave baseball hats and sunglasses in the car. Clothing with large text or logos will take away from the love and emotion; simple is always better. Wear lipstick. Reach out if you would like hair/makeup recommendations. When in doubt, wear items from my men’s and women’s client closet. 

You got this

You don't need to match, just coordinate. Follow these tips to have you and your family beautifully dressed for you next session. If you would like help when making your selections, I would be more than happy to lend my advice. Just reach out! You also have the option to wear a dress from my client closet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want any help styling your next session!